Rent Out Your Property

Do you want to put your investment to work and earn cash from your holiday home when you are not using it?

We are the largest and most successful holiday rental agents in Murcia. Our ethos is to practice service “excellence”, via our Preferred Partner model. We don’t do property sales, or golf club hire or transfers ourselves. We are dedicated to finding you bookings, that’s what we do, and we partner with companies that are the best at what they do. Through this model, we are able to bring you a one stop seamless solution without sacrificing quality or trust.

Trust is a big deal when you are handing your keys over to someone you do not really know. Our model ensures that there is no chance of anyone taking advantage of your property whilst you are not there. Our Preferred Partner keyholders are third party and fully independent and work for you. We cannot gain access to your property without them knowing and vice versa. We conduct full due diligence on all of our Preferred Partners, so they are fully vetted.

We pay our owners higher rates than any other agent in Murcia, guaranteed (See below to calculate how much you will earn), and we can offer you a full management service or just the bookings, as you require. See below for the questions we normally get asked.

We do not charge any fees at all to come on board with us. You can join us completely risk fee with no financial outlay whatsoever. Most local agencies charge a set-up fee. Since you have paid no upfront fee, you can leave us at any time having spent nothing to be registered with us.

Glad you asked that. We do not charge any commission to the owner at all! Our model is different, in that we apply a fee to the rate that the holidaymaker pays. So we agree the rate that we will pay for your property based on our published tariff. The rate shown is the rate you get. Remember, we pay your cleaning fee on top of those rates. We pay a lot more to our owners than any other rental agents in Murcia, as we enjoy the economies of scale associated with such a large portfolio of properties.

Our job is to get you the best return on your investment, whilst remaining competitive in the market place. We know that demand always outstrips supply in Murcia, so whilst some owners might be tempted to offer huge discounts to get an early booking; we know that decent renters pay decent money to get a decent property, and we are hardly ever left with any properties by the time summer comes. We filled all of our properties this summer, and paid all of our owners the advertised rate!

We have team members at La Torre Golf Resort, Mar Menor Resort and El Valle Golf Resort. Our administrative office is in La Torre, and is by appointment only. We also have a Preferred Partner, The Golf Property Store, based in the Town Centre at La Torre. We are always available to come to your property, or to meet you at any one of the resorts we cover.

We also have an office on The Boulevard at Mar Menor Golf Resort. This office is staffed during business hours, and you are welcome to pop in to see us to discuss any aspect of our service.

Anyone with a Facebook account thinks can be “Booking Agents” and promise to find you bookings, but you’ll soon find out that you need your agent to be a lot more proactive and spend a decent budget on attracting people to the resorts and to your property. Relying on enquiries from Facebook is just not going to cut it. Neither is “word of mouth” alone.

We feature your property and handle bookings from over 60 channels like HomeAway, airbnb, Holidaylettings, TripAdvisor and all of the foreign versions of these channels as well as high profile, high budget marketing campaigns using targeted media outlets and initiatives to put your property in front of those that are most likely to buy. We also use radio, newspaper, sponsorship and many other methods to give your property a truly global presence.

With the largest portfolio of holiday rental properties in Murcia, more owners trust us to maximise their revenue than any other booking agent. We are the only booking agents in Murcia with no set up fees and no commission. Couple that with our global reach and entirely flexible offering and it’s hard for anyone else to compete.

Our service is unique to Murcia in so far as we advertise your property on a huge network of “Channels”. A Channel is a rental website such as HomeAway, Holidaylettings, Airbnb and the like. We use over 60 Channels giving a global audience of 60 million+travellers each month!

Many booking agents say they offer you a global presence, but in reality put a selection of their properties on selected channels. We put all properties on all channels to give you the widest audience possible.

For you to advertise on all the rental websites that we cover would not only cost a great deal, but would be very labour-intensive in updating availability, rates, photos etc as well as answering enquiries from potential guests on each Channel. There is also a big danger of double booking. So avoid the hassle and register your property with us, using the link below.

Furthermore, the rental websites typically use a “quality” system to prioritise listings. So those that are the best quality will come first. A quality listing usually means lots of high quality photos, a very fast response to enquiries, a history of accepting all bookings and several decent reviews from previous guests. That’s a big ask for an experienced owner let alone a new owner, so you will be pleased to know that you will benefit from the collective high quality rating of all of our properties.

As well as being advertised globally via our Channel Partners, we have a great reputation around the resorts and have a very successful Facebook page, which local people, and those in the know, use to book accommodation for themselves, friends and family

Via our award winning guest app (iPhone & Android), our automated systems will ensure that your guests know how to find your property, how to check in, who to contact if there is a problem, etc. However, unless you want us to do it for you, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the property is clean and ready for their arrival. Your main responsibility is to keep your calendar up to date and we’ll provide you with an app to do that. So if you rent it yourself or you have friends coming over, just mark it on the Owners App and we won’t book it out for that time. Alternatively you can email us your blackout dates and we’ll do it for you. There is no charge at all for having owner bookings on our system.

The biggest risk for any owner is that their rental agent or keyholder rents their property without their knowledge or consent. It does happen, but it cannot happen with us as we use only third party keyholders who have passed our due diligence. We know who should be in your property, and your keyholder knows who should be in there. They work for you and we work for you

We are able to offer a complete property management service using our preferred partners, or you can pick and choose what you want us to take care of. If you prefer a hands off approach then we, along with our preferred partners will manage keyholding, registration with the Tourist Office, Cleaning & Laundry, Damage deposit collection and return, wristband collection, meet and greet, welcome packs etc. We can literally take care of the lot. We only partner with the companies that are best in their field. We are great and getting you bookings, and we only use companies that are great at what they do. None of us are jack of all trades. We are all master of one.

On the other hand, if you having an existing relationship with keyholders or cleaners etc, then we will gladly work with them and fill in any gaps as required. We are based here in Murcia so are on hand whenever we are needed, but none of our services are compulsory.

You can pick and choose what you want us to do and feel free to change your mind from time to time depending on your needs. Either way we will make sure that your property is looked after and that contracts are issued and agreed between parties and that you are compliant with Spanish laws.

We have a set tariff which we review every year to make sure that its both competitive in the market place, and that you get the best returns possible. Click the button below to get an idea of what you will earn at what time of year. You don’t have to commit any particular number of weeks or times of year so if you don’t want to rent all year round, just let us know. If you don’t see your property type listed here just contact us to find out what you will earn for your property.

Rental Earnings Calculator

Yes of course. In the vast majority of cases, our guests are decent people who will treat your place as they would treat their own. We have a great deal of experience in dealing with people who want to rent holiday properties and we have a nose for sniffing out anyone that may not be the perfect guest! In a lot of cases, we know the people renting as they have used us before or know someone local. However, to be on the safe side we always collect a damage deposit before they enter the property. This is usually €350 and therefore sufficient to cover any accidental damage. This is vastly more than any other agents here, and is intended as a deterrent to prevent damage occurring in the first place.

As mentioned above, there is no risk of either us, or your keyholders taking advantage of your empty property as both parties work for you and are loyal to you. Is a key selling point that we partner with the best companies in the area and do not try to do everything at the expense of quality.

No problem. We will be marketing your property on all of the channels and that’s bound to cover any that you are currently on. You can simply “pause” the listing (rather than delete it) and ours will sit in its place so you can manage everything from one calendar. We will then take care of all enquiries, quotes, bookings when they come in. In some cases we will entertain using an ical link to sync an existing listing with your calendar with us, but it’s not ideal as there is still a chance of a double booking. Apart from that, it’s our job and our biggest selling point that we take the hassle out of all of that so why manage two or more calendars?

In short, yes but we can handle all that for you free of charge. We will also comply with the Police database updates as required by law. There are a few options depending on what you need. We can discuss all the options with you.

As the saying goes, there are two things that are guaranteed…. Yes you’ll have to declare your income but it really is no big deal and most people pay very little if any tax at all, as you can offset any expenses against the tax you pay. So you can claim tax back on any interest you pay on a mortgage, community fees, utility bills, incidental expenses, and of course fixtures and fittings, damage , wear and tear etc. Most people are able to keep their properly cost neutral and therefore pay very little tax. We can recommend a company that will do your tax paperwork for a tiny amount of money.

Well, if you are happy with what you have read, then you can go ahead and register below. You’ll be up and running in a few hours and can start earning cash from your property!

If you still have questions, then just drop us an email or give us a call: or
0800 051 7169 / +34 868 128 988